At MuscleMatics, our goal is to provide simple and beautiful visual representations of the human anatomy when performing various forms of exercise, with emphasis on technique and muscles utilized.


See your muscles in action. These state-of-the-art animations illustrate the activated muscles, while multiple angles demonstrate exactly how to perform the movements. Watch them looping continuously without interruption. By following correct form and activating the right muscles, you will reduce injuries and progressively see quicker results.


Get what you need when you need it. Use simple filters to find the exercises you need. Save them to your favorites for quick access to your mostly used exercises for future reference. Enjoy more time focused on your workouts. No more searching for exercise videos only to have to wait dreadfully through ads, promos, and requests to sign up, subscribe, share, like, tweet, etc.


Add your own exercises. Create your own workouts. Have some fun! Choose exercises from our unique database containing isolated movements to full-body-activation movements. Science has proven that variety promotes adherence, so browse, choose, and FOLLOW THE MOVEMENT!


” This app takes away the need to ask others what exercises needs to be done to work on certain body parts. I love the anatomy of the body and I love to exercise. Anatomy + Exercise = Musclematics “

” This is the most amazing app ever! Exactly what I have been looking for with interactive movements of the workouts and exactly which muscles are worked during the excercise. Cannot thank you enough for creating this! “

” I’m a physician and yogatherapist. Scientifically sound videos. Easy to watch and practice. Practically covered all exercises. Very educative…Good work developers! “

” As a PT this is quite possibly one of the best apps I’ve used, it allows me to show my clients exactly what muscles they’re working and also form and posture too… brilliant and the workout plans are superb too “

” The app is great. Has short animations of exercises & proper descriptions of the muscles & instruments involved in a particular exercise with color coding. Also there are filters for  exercises according to the muscle groups, instruments & intention (strength or stretch). All in all, a gem for gym goers. “

” Amazing Great app very helpful for sport rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation “

” As a master certified personal trainer, I take pride in keeping my clients informed with the entire program. This app is not merely a information tool it is an empowerment tool… It shows clients where they should be feeling the exercise… This app is absolutely useful…thanks. “

” Well made Can tell instantly that a lot of work was put into it, the animation and details exceeded my expectations. Considering this is a free app, I did not expect this kind of quality. “

” There is just one word for this app ‘perfect’ “